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At Brilliant Minds Early Learning Academy, LLC, our philosophy of Early Childhood Education is to provide children with an environment that will promote their optimum development, at a time when they are in a critical period of their development, socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. While each of these areas of development is important, the child’s feeling of self-worth is most crucial and must underlie every aspect of their first school experience.  We believe that each child is an individual with his own rate and style of learning and growing, his own unique patterns or approaches to situations, and his own innate capacities. Every child needs opportunities adapted to his or her individual needs with respect for individuality. We feel that all aspects of growth are interrelated: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.

Our curriculum involves a solid emphasis on play. We believe play is an important avenue for learning and for enjoyment. Children learn through active involvement in play, using all their senses; through doing things to and engaging with materials; through representing concepts in play, rehearsing roles and thus clarifying those roles. Children test out, explore, discover, adapt, classify, organize, and reorganize their experiences as they play. The values of play are increased by informed guidance and equipment as well as a provision for space and uninterrupted time.

We believe discipline and structure are necessary for the growth of each child. Good discipline involves fairness, consistency, respect for the child and an understanding of child development. Positive and consistent guidance from the teacher and parent/guardian will help a child to regulate his own behavior in a responsible way. We believe our programs must be non-sexist in nature and a healthy, positive & stimulating environment is the right of every child.

Our Classrooms

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