Theoretical application to the WEE Learn Curriculum philosophy.

Accepting Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences has several implications for teachers in terms of classroom instruction. The theory states that all eight intelligences are needed to productively function in society. Teachers, therefore, should think of all intelligences as equally important (Brualdi, 1999). This importance is evident in several units and activities found in the WEE Learn curriculum that account for the different ways in which children learn best.

Children have opportunities to access books, both by being read to and for individual play purposes, children can explore the outdoors and nature, there are numerous musical activities, and children can play with a variety of materials including bubbles, puzzles, crayons and paint, tissue paper, and blocks. Children are not only directed in activities by their teachers, but also supported to explore individually.

The WEE Learn curriculum takes into account that each child will have his own unique set of intellectual strengths and weaknesses (commonly referred to as a learning style). Teachers are guided to show children how to use their more developed intelligences to assist in the understanding of a topic or experience which normally employs their weaker intelligences.

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